Monday, September 23, 2013

Famous 1960's poster artist Bob Dara + Rare Bob Dylan Poster By Bob Dara Of Dylan On A Norton Motorcycle

This is an original late 60's-early 70's poster printed by the great Steve Sachs out of California. Steve was one of the pioneering artists/printers of the psychedelic black light era. Original artist for this was Bob Dara from NY, this was printed out of Steve's shop for West coast distribution. It is extremely rare.This is a large poster, measuring approximately 30''x41''.
Click on the picture of the poster to enlarge it.
I once owned an original of this poster. I bought it in a motorcyle store in Laurel, Maryland around 1968 or 1969. It hung over our mantel on P St.  I had it framed in a nice wormwood frame.
I think it was given to one of my wife's brothers for helping her move when we left D.C. in the winter of 1971.
I have often thought of it and am glad I finally found a picture of it and some information about the artist Bob Dara of New York.
Some originals sell on Ebay from time to time and also reproductions of the original poster sell on Ebay.

Size below is for the original poster not any of the reproductions.
This is a large poster, measuring approximately 30''x41''.

Image above is from the back of the poster.