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Dylan in New York

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Bob Dylan - Interview / The Lonesome Death Of Hattie C.

Debbie Reynolds And Eddie Fisher Visited Mobile Alabama In 1956 Shortly Before Carrie Fisher Was Born

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher came to Mobile Alabama during the 1956 Azalea Trail Festivities.
There are pictures of them on line visiting Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore Alabama near Mobile.

They also came to Ladd Memorial Stadium in a limo. Why I am not real sure. I was there and their long black limo drove onto the field.  Hundreds of young females rushed toward the limo to see Debbie and Eddie.
I had a camera with me. Eddie and Debbie never got out of the limo. A young girl passed out right outside the limo. I took a picture of her lying on the ground. The limo took off and did not return.

Carrie Fisher wrote that Debbie was pregnant with her when this movie was being made. It was released in December 1956.
I think Debbie was aware she was pregnant and did not want to be mauled by adoring fans.

 Carrie Fisher was born in October 1956.

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Tuba Skinny

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729 Ursulines Avenue New Orleans Louisiana

This is the second place we lived in 1965 and 1966. It has been totally remodeled. Back in 1965 and 1966 this address was 731 Ursulines Avenue. I have no idea why it was changed to 729 Ursulines Avenue.

Walk through 627 Ursulines Avenue New Orleans condo

Back deck of 627 Ursulines Avenue as it appeared in 1965. That is Rachel Lefebure greeting the day early in the morning. Below is one of our kittens. Below that is me with two other of our kittens.
Note the drainpipe behind Rachel. In the video below these pictures you can see what the deck looks like now.
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

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New Book On Wally Wood Edited By My Brother Bhob Stewart

This book was my brother Bhob Stewart's magnum opus. It was 30 years in themaking. It is a beauty. Very proud of my older brother or as he used to say "the elder".

 Click on the picture to enlarge it.

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Mose Allison Live "baby please don't go"

Baby Please Don't Go was written by Miss. blues man Big Joe Williams from Crawford, Miss.

Mose Allison Has Gone Home

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
I'll bet there was not a jazz club in America that Mose had not played in at one time or another.
He traveled relentlessly all over the world.
I know that I first saw him in Biloxi, Miss. and then in Seattle also in Chicago.
Each year he would play here at Blue's Alley in Washington D.C. on the first or second day of each New Year.
I saw him in person once at the hotel where I was working. We had a contract with Blues Alley to house the musicians who came to town to play at Blues Alley.
Mose wandered into the Lobby in the early afternoon and his room was not ready and they asked him to take a seat and wait a bit while housekeeping got the room ready.
I was eyeing him as he sat down. Then a couple came over and he offered them a seat. Somehow they took his seat and he said "You got my seat".
I got the impression that Mose was high strung and I could not really even think of anything to say to him that was in any way intelligent so I said nothing.
I am sure he had heard it all before. Musicians are odd strange people anyway. He struck me as a loner. Who wanted to be left alone. So I did not bother him,

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"Eagle Ridin' Papa" - Tuba Skinny

AMC BACKSTORY: Peyton Place...... Including Interview With The Author Of Peyton Place The Book

The book PEYTON PLACE is so much better than the movie or the tv series. They watered everything down.  The book is about the best book I know of about the 1950s as they really were in American small towns.  Especially true of the way the book depicts teenagers of that period.
The book and the author are highly under rated.
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Reading Peyton Place(The Book) In High School English Class Instead Of Listening To The Teacher

In 12th grade English class in 1958 I sat on the back row reading a paperback copy of PEYTON PLACE.
Someone told me that I would not pass reading that book in class.
Mr. W our teacher spoke up and said, "Not so. In fact Joe after you finish that I would like to read it. And I will tell you of a book that is even more notorious. He told me to read The Decameron by Boccaccio.

Tuba Skinny - Memphis Shake

Tuba Skinny - Thoughts

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Bob Dylan Used Classics Illustrated Comic Books To Write His Book Reports in High School In Hibbing,Minnesota

I read that in Robert Shelton's great bio of Bob titled NO DIRECTION HOME.

Actually what is written in Shelton's book is that when he was a child or teenager the only comics Bob read were Illustrated Classics. That is the same as Classics Illustrated.
I am sure he also read many full length novels.
But many high school kids back then used Classics Illustrated to make their book reports.;_ylt=AwrBT4HI5hlY7lIAHctXNyoA;_ylu=X3oDMTEyMm43aWFsBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwMxBHZ0aWQDQjE5MTBfMQRzZWMDc2M-?p=Classics+Illustrated&fr=yfp-t

 Fastest way to the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Tuba Skinny - Oh! Red ..... New!

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Homage To Kirbyville, Texas,_Texas
Click on the above link and check the notables from Kirbyville, Texas.
I see someone has added my brother Bhob Stewart to the list.

With The Kirbyville High School Band on the way to New Orleans to march in the Crescent City mardi Gras parade on Sunday March 20, 1955. That is me standing in front of the tree.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them. I took this picture above of an old man sitting in a chair. When I raised my little camera to take his picture he covered his face. I still wonder why.

Waiting on the other band members to get going.
 The band walking in front of the St. Louis Cathedral in New Orleans 1955.

 On the steps of the Capitol Building in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

In front of the Palace Theater. It is impossible to overstate the importance of a movie theater
in a small town like Kirbyville, Texas. It was our link to the outside world. Now they only play country music on the weekends. Back in 1952 to 1955 when we lived there we saw first run movies all the time. And the jukeboxes and radios played all the country and rock and roll music that was just beginning. Another link to the outside world. We had no TV set  back then. But radio was great. WWL radio station in New Orleans played modern and old jazz music late at night.

 The mural that is there now of the old men on the hookworm bench.
The real old men on the "hookworm bench".

Two pictures of Bhob Stewart from the 1955 Kirbyville High School annual THE WILDCAT.
That is Bhob at the blackboard with some of his drawings. Note the bolo tie.

 Old Kirbyville Texas around 1952.
 Kirbyville Texas downtown now. Main street a ghost town now. This was around 1996.
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Tuba Skinny - Pearl River Stomp...... New!

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William Faulkner accepts the 1949 Nobel Prize for Literature

Look for him around 6:45 in the video. Earlier you can see him sitting next to Bertrand Russell who also won.

This is what Bob Dylan has to look forward to if he goes to the ceremony. White tie and tails and a bow to the King.

50 Favorite William Faulkner Quotes

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Another Side Of Bob Dylan ( His 4th Album)

Click on the above picture to enlarge it.
 Congratulations to Bob Dylan the Nobel Laureate For Literature for 2016.
Way to go Bob. Now you belong to the ages.

  Below is an excerpt from the liner notes on the back of the album Another Side of Bob Dylan:

(swingin' wanda's
down in new orleans
rumbles across
brick written
swear word
vulgar wall
in new york city)

no they can't make it
off the banks of their river
i am in their river
(i wonder if he jumped
i really wonder if he jumped)
i turn corner
t' get off river
an' get off river
still goin' up
i about face
an' discover
that i'm on another river

(this time. king rex
blesses me with plastic beads
an' toot toot whistles
paper rings an' things.
royal street.
bourbon street
st. claude an' esplanade
pass an' pull
everything out of shape
joe b. stuart
white southern poet
holds me up
we charge through casa
blazin' jukebox
gumbo overflowin'
get kicked out of colored bar
streets jammed
hypnotic stars explode
in louisiana murder night
everything's wedged
arm in arm
stoned galore
must see you in mobile then
down governor nichel
an' gone)

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Bob Dylan How Does it Feel?

Bob Dylan wins the 2016 Nobel Prize in Literature

Bob Dylan Wins The Nobel Prize For Literature For 2016

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

It will be interesting to see what he does with the money.
His acceptance speech should really be something.
If he attends the ceremony he will have to wear a tux.

  Click on the above link for a full report on Bob Dylan at the Mardi Gras in New Orleans in Feb.1964.

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National Gallery Of Art East Building Re Opens

 Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

Here is the blue rooster in Trafalgar Square in London.
 It now sits on top of the National Gallery Of Art East Building.

That is the Alexander Calder Room(new)at the National Gallery Of Art East Building.
All the way up near the top. Below I am standing in the room. One of The Last Of The Mobile Hotshots is standing in a room full of mobiles.

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Tuba Skinny 'Someday Sweetheart', Steamboat Stomp New Orleans, 9/24/16

Tuba Skinny @ Duke Heitger's 4th Annual Steamboat Stomp, September 23rd ...

I've been waiting for this one and the above to show up on you tube. Yay!
Published on Oct 5, 2016
Top Deck this wonderful warm and sunny afternoon onboard Paddle Steamer The Natchez, cruising up and down the mighty Mississippi, Tuba Skinny made their first appearance on the River. Quoting from Steamboat Stomp's presentation: "Tuba Skinny came together in New Orleans in 2009 as a loose collection of street musicians and has since evolved to a fully formed professional band. Their unique sound evokes the rich musical heritage of New Orleans from the early jazz and blues and the twenties and thirties, ragtime, and traditional jazz. The band consists of tuba, trombone, cornet, tenor banjo/guitar,
vocals, washboard, and occasionally clarinet. The band has gained a loyal following through their  sound, their commitment to reviving long-lost songs, and their barnstorming live performance

Bob Dylan Now Making Iron Sculptures

Click on these pictures to enlarge them.
Here is the story in the link below.

This one above is from a show in London.
More from the London show called Mood Swings.

The artist selecting his objects.
Here he is hard at work.

An artist in William Faulkner's novel WILD PALMS tells a man at a party in the French Quarter in the 1920s that she makes sculptures that when you drop them they hurt your foot.

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Teatro Tasso-Sorrento Musical Thurs Sept 6th 2012

This is clearer.

Sorrento Musical 8

This is the finale.

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Sorrento Musical 1

Here is the whole show in 7 parts on You Tube. This is from 2007 and I think it is the performance we saw .

Sorrento Musical 2

Sorrento Musical 3

Sorrento Musical 4

Sorrento Musical 5

Sorrento Musical 6

Sorrento Musical 7

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Call Security! Another Of My Stories Of Being A Hotel Security Officer in Washington D.C.

Click on the pictures to enlarge them.

This happened around 1988. The crew of the British Concorde stayed at our hotel at that time. They had to get up very very early to get out to Dulles Airport for their flight on time.
 The room service man would come in a do a special set up of coffee and something to eat for the crew.
It was around 5:30 a.m. or so and it was still dark outside.
I got a call that a street person was eating off of the set up for the British Concorde crew.
I went to t he lobby and found five or six of the crew eating and having coffee.
And the street person was having some also.
I told him it was not for him and he would have to leave.
He said one of the female flight attendants told him he could have some of their food and coffee.
I disagreed.
The female told me that yes she had told him that and she saw nothing wrong with it.

I engaged her in conversation.
I told her "You would not let him on your airplane". "Yes I would"she said which made no sense.
We continued to argue about this until finally I told her "What's the matter is your social conscience bothering you?"
That did not go over well with her. She really got angry and said "I can't believe you said that".

Meanwhile the guy was still eating and drinking coffee.

Someone called back to our office and told my partner that the street person was still in the Lobby.
While I was arguing with the female flight attendant I saw my partner coming down the hall toward the Lobby.
  He did not say a word.  He went right over and picked up the little guy by the seat of his pants and the back of his shirt collar and bum rushed him out the door.
The little man was hollering "Why am I being molested?"
My partner never said a word. He turned around and went back to our office.

The lady was shocked to say the least but she did not say anything.
The interloper and my former football player partner were both black men.
So nobody said anything about the incident.
Later the Concorde British Airways crew decided to move out closer to Dulles Airport.
We had an old man who worked at night and he would carry their bags so slowly he was making them late for their flight.
And he kept holding them up for tips.
  He was later fired for sleeping on the job.

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