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Renoir Painting Auction Now On Hold

Click on the above painting by Renoir to enlarge it.
Latest in the ongoing saga of who owns this painting in the links below.

It may belong to the insurance company that insured it back in the 1950's and paid out $2,500 on the theft.

Harper's Ferry West Virginia Flea Market where the painting was found.
And you can read in the link below that business is booming at that Flea Market now.

Click on the link below for some real insight into the late paintings of Renoir.

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Listen online to this terrific radio show out of New Orleans, La.
You can view the full playlist as well.
If you have never listened to this weekly radio show from New Orleans here is your chance to
hear the best in real American Music. Check it out. Nick Spitzer knows more about American roots music
than anyone I know.
Just click on the link below to go to American Routes website and listen on your computer to 2 hours of the best in the history of recorded American music.

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The Gleaners

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
I was reminded the other day that we had a copy of this painting on the walls of the
houses we grew up in back in the 1940s and 1950s.
Since we lived in the South I guess it fit right in. But this painting is French.
If you read the information about this painting in the link below you will
find it had an interesting history.
Also mentioned in the link is the fact that
The painting can be seen hanging on the wall of Sheriff Andy Taylor's house in many episodes of the original Andy Griffith Show.
Small world.

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Monarch Of The Glen

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
  I learned about this painting from someone this morning who told us he bought a copy of it at a nearby Goodwill store. The artist was Sir Edwin Lanseer.  See the wikipedia entry on him and this painting by clicking on the link below.

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Tuba Skinny -"Hear me talkin " -" Live at the Hive" 6-24-2011

The link below really says it all.

The Last Supper

Click on the picture to enlarge it.
The painting is 29 feet by 15 feet.
I know someone who is over in Milan Italy right now looking at this painting. You have to make reservations months in advance and when you get in to see it you are only allowed to stay inside for 15 minutes.

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Tuba Skinny - "Gimmie Some" 8/5/12 Rhinebeck Farmers' Market

Tuba Skinny - "See See Rider" 8/5/12 Rhinebeck Farmers' Market

The link below explains the origins of the title C.C. Rider or See See Rider. Also Easy Rider.

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Raid (2003) Elokuva/Movie - Now with English subtitles!

This is the RAID movie from Finland with English subtitles. It is the sequel to the tv series of the same name from Finland. You can sometimes find that series for sale with English subtitles on Ebay.
If this doesn't start with English subtitles turn on closed caption.

You are in for a real treat.

Too bad we dont have film makers in the USA anymore that can make a film as good as this one. It has a good bit of dry Finnish humor and gritty Mickey Spillane type violence.

I have some more posts on this blog about Finland and RAID. Look for them over on the list on the right.
Also double click on the video to go to YouTube and then click to watch it full screen.

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Baby Doll (1956) - Playtime

This is one of the funniest scenes from this crazy movie. Baby Doll by Tennessee Williams.
Someone in the comments on this on Youtube calls it a "Screwball Gothic".   Make that A Screwball Southern Gothic. Click on the link below for full information on this movie.


Baby Doll (1956) Trailer

Interesting that the above trailer got the dates wrong on her age. She is 19 and the deal is about when she turns 20. I just watched the film yesterday on TCM. It is a much better film that I had realized.
 It is really one of the best films about Mississippi that I have ever seen. It may seem over the top but there really were people like that in Mississippi back in those days. This is a little known and less appreciated film by Williams and director Elia Kazan. It was banned in Boston as I recall.
Carroll Baker was nominated for an Oscar for her performance as Baby Doll.

Panic In the Streets -1950 (Elia Kazan) FULL MOVIE

A good movie directed by Elia Kazan  Jack Palance in his first big role.
Set in New Orleans and filmed entirely there.
I got a chance to go see and meet Jack Palance just before he died. He came to Washington D.C. to speak about his WW2 experience at the opeing of the WW2 memorial. He along with many other vets did this. Ernest Borgnine was supposed to come also but did not show up. About 300 or so people filled a tent on the Mall to hear and see Jack Palance.
  Afterwards he did sign autographs for a long line of people. I did not want to wait in the long line so I went up fast and spoke to him as they were lining up. I told him how much I liked Panic In The Streets and he smiled.
I also told him I really liked the ending of the film. And he nodded and smiled again.
This is a terrific film with great black and white footage of New Orleans in 1949/1950. It was released in 1950. But it must have been shot in 1949.

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Memphis Minnie - Black Rat Swing

When I went to Muscle Shoals Alabama in 1978 around Labor Day with Big Joe Williams and George Cummings there was another guy who came along with us. He was a German Blues critic,photographer, and record producer.. His name was Axel Kustner. He told me about Memphis Minnie. I had never heard of her. I knew I had a lot of learning to do about the history of blues in America. And it was not lost on me that it was a young German who told me about her. Turns out young people in Germany and France and Japan and all over Europe and the Far East know more about the history of American music than our own people do. Some Americans know the history of great American blues and jazz but most do not. That is a great shame. But with the help of YouTube I think everyone is learning about this great music now.
See the post below this one for Big Joe Williams version of this song.
The link below is to something by Birney Imes about Crawford and Axel Kustner.
Click on the Label below on the name Birney Imes to see and read two more of my posts about him and his two photography books JUKE JOINTS and THE WHISPERING PINES.

Big Joe Williams- Black Rat Blues -Live- (Vinyl LP)

Click on the name Big Joe Williams in the Labels box below for 14 more posts about him and his hometown of Crawford, Mississippi.

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