Monday, September 3, 2012

Memphis Minnie - Black Rat Swing

When I went to Muscle Shoals Alabama in 1978 around Labor Day with Big Joe Williams and George Cummings there was another guy who came along with us. He was a German Blues critic,photographer, and record producer.. His name was Axel Kustner. He told me about Memphis Minnie. I had never heard of her. I knew I had a lot of learning to do about the history of blues in America. And it was not lost on me that it was a young German who told me about her. Turns out young people in Germany and France and Japan and all over Europe and the Far East know more about the history of American music than our own people do. Some Americans know the history of great American blues and jazz but most do not. That is a great shame. But with the help of YouTube I think everyone is learning about this great music now.
See the post below this one for Big Joe Williams version of this song.
The link below is to something by Birney Imes about Crawford and Axel Kustner.
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