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Old unseen cinefilm of President Nixon Inauguration, 1969

Rachel and I and my brother Bhob were at this event. We heard Billy Graham say the prayer at the Capitol. Then saw the parade from 15th and Pa. Avenue. This video is good because it shows the large number of police and military along the route. The Yippies were in town to inhogurate "Pigasus"
Later there were some protestors being chased by the police around McPherson Square. I did see a trash can that had been thrown through a plate glass window of an insurance company on K Street.
 I went to the parades for Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan also.
But the Nixon one of 1969 had the most protestors.There was a military draft then and they did not want to go to Vietnam.

Tuba Skinny at Bearsville Theater 9-7-2016 "Me and My Chauffeur"

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Political Buttons.....Where Are The Buttons Of Yesteryear?

This is my small collection of some political buttons.
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Concorde Flight-New York to London with detailed Captain's commentary 20...

Some Nice Photographs Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart

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Rachel, Lorelei and Jesse and Ray.

Rachel on our back porch.
Rachel,Lorelei and Jesse and Ray.
Rachel looking at the Tiger Lillies in the garden of the Rodin Museum in Paris.
She was comparing them to her own at our house in Arlington, Va. no doubt.
Hers are much better.

Rachel and Joe B. 2010.
Rachel checking out a sunrise on Sanibel Island, Florida in January 2011.

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A Very Elementary School Teacher Named Mrs. Scold

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A very elementary school teacher named Mrs. Scold. No kidding.
Maybe it says Mrs. Skold but that still is scold, right?

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Stewart Family Pictures From A Little Photo Book By Bhob Stewart

Some years ago my brother Bhob Stewart put together a little book of some photographs of our family.

Here they are.
Click on the pictures to enlarge them. Above is our mother Anne Barnett Stewart and Bhob on the left and me on the right.
Me around 1972 in Mobile Alabama sitting in my mother and grandmother's Mission Rocker chair.

This was around 1942 or 1943 in Meridian Mississippi across the street from our grandmother's house.
Bhob Stewart is on the left of our mother and I am on the right. Bhob was 3 years older than me. Probably his first year in school in Stevenson Elementary School just across the street.

Lorelei and me inspecting the gully near 6200 Biloxi Avenue where we lived in 1971 and 1972. Mobile, Alabama way out near the University of South Alabama.

 Bhob, Dad, Mom and me. Meridian, Miss. at grandmother's house around 1953.

Me around 1972 in Mobile Alabama at a Petting Zoo.
This is the whole picture.

Bhob and Joe in a pedal tractor which today would be worth a lot of money. Big bucks on Ebay for sure.

Bhob, Joe, and Josephine.
Joe on the road to San Francisco in summer of 1969 with Bhob who took the picture.

Joe with pipe in Mobile 1972.
Joe in  grammar school. 1946 or 1947.
Joe and Bobby in Meridian during WW2.

Joe and Bobby in the early 1940s. In swings by grandmother's house at 920 25th Avenue.

Bhob and Joe. Flag wavers during WW2.
Birthday party for some one. Joe and Bobby on the front row at left.

This is one of my most favorite photographs. It is Bob on the left. Mom in the middle and me on the right.
Taken in Saltillo Mexico at Horsetail Falls around 1952.