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New Pictures Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart

Rachel Lefebure Stewart and Joe B. Stewart getting ready to get on board the steamboat Natchez in New Orleans 2002.

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Tara and Adrian Stewart and Rachel and Joe B. Stewart. May 31, 2013. One year ago. This picture was taken after a wedding in Bethesda, Maryland.

Rachel Stewart and Joe B. Stewart resting in the Tuileries Garden in Paris France. 2004.

Rachel Stewart and Joe B. Stewart on a Bateau Mouche on the Seine River in Paris France. 2001.

 Rachel Stewart on the right with two of her sisters. Ellen on the left and Elizabeth in the middle.
This was also taken after a wedding in Bethesda, Maryland one year ago. May 31, 2013.

Friday, May 23, 2014

My Brother Bhob Stewart Sitting On A Park Bench

My brother Bhob Stewart "sitting" on a park bench.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Rachel Lefebure 1965

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More About Rachel Lefebure Stewart

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Obituary For Rachel Lefebure Stewart In The Washington Post March 10th 2014

Rachel Lefebure Stewart, President of the

C & O Canal Association, of Arlington, VA died March 8, 2014 in Arlington, VA. She was 73 years old.

The cause of death was mesothelioma lung cancer.

As President of the C&O Canal Association, Mrs. Stewart led the effort to restore the Big Slackwater towpath section of the canal and accepted the Superintendent's Award for Excellence in Citizen Stewardship in 2012 from the US Park Service. The C&O Canal Association traces its origins to Supreme Court Justice William O. Douglas, who fought against a plan to replace the 184-mile long canal between Cumberland, MD and Georgetown with a paved highway.

Born in 1940 in the District of Columbia, Mrs. Stewart was a lifelong Washingtonian. Her parents were Henry Pierce Lefebure and Josephine Lefebure (nee Sneeringer). She was a 1958 graduate of Immaculata Preparatory School, Washington; a 1963 graduate of The Catholic University of America; and a graduate of Catholic University's Columbus School of Law.

For 25 years she was Vice President and co-owner of Heritage Title & Escrow Co. in Washington DC. She was a regular volunteer at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival from its inception in 1967.

She is survived by her husband of 48 years Joseph B. Stewart, her daughter Lorelei Morgan Stewart of Chicago, her son Adrian Raiford Stewart of New York, NY, her son-in-law Andreas W. Fischer, her daughter-in-law Tara Cohen Stewart and her three grandchildren Obree Emile Fischer, Matthew Jesse Stewart and Gabrielle Skye Stewart. She survived the passing in 1975, also from cancer, of her son Jesse Lefebure Stewart, a patient for a year and a half in the children's oncology ward of the National Institute of Health in Bethesda, MD.

She is also survived by seven siblings, John Lefebure of Ringgold, MD, Charles Lefebure of McHenry, MD, Ellen Larsen of Bethesda, MD, Elizabeth O'Neill of Hagerstown, MD, Paul Lefebure of North Kingstown, RI, Regis Lefebure of Silver Spring, MD, and Richard Lefebure of Frederick, MD.

An avid hiker and lover of the outdoors, Mrs. Stewart regularly hiked the C&O Canal (including completing the 184-mile Thru-Hike in 2009) and the Appalachian Trail. She also frequently hiked in Scotland and attended many World Canals Conference in Europe.

Donations can be made in her name by mailing checks to "In Memoriam - Rachel L. Stewart," C&O Canal Association, P.O. Box 366, Glen Echo, MD 20812-0366.

Or go to their website at: C&O Canal

A memorial service will be held Tuesday, March 11, 2 to 4 p.m. at the Cunningham Turch Funeral Home, 811 Cameron Street, Alexandria, VA.

.Published in The Washington Post on Mar. 10, 2014

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Interesting Article About Medical Malpractice and MisDiagnosis

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Some More Pictures Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart

Rachel in Scotland. One step from England.

Rachel sitting in the foreground. Blue t shirt. Dark glasses and her blue water bottle.

Rachel and Lorelei about 1968.

Rachel doing what she loved best. Being in the outdoors. Blue T Shirt.

Young Rachel on the left.

With the two grandsons on the beach at Southhampton, N.Y.

She took this picture of a sunset in Jan. 2014 on Sanibel Island Fla.

She took this picture of The Dying Gaul statue at The National Gallery of Art  Washington D.C. in December 2013. She actually struck this pose when she was in the hospital and said, "This is my Dying Gaul pose". She took the picture below of the same statue,

Rachel on the left. 2013.

This is the last picture taken of Rachel. That is her brother Paul with her. It was his idea.

Rachel wading in the water at the Pont du Gard in France last September 2013.

Rachel waving and holding her cat.

Sitting on a bench in France last September with her friend Barbara Sheridan.

 France last September.

Tuba Skinny -"How Come You Do Me"

More Pictures Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart

Adrian Stewart(our son) on the left. Rachel Stewart in the middle and Joe B. Stewart on the right.
This was taken in Paris on a Bateaux Parisiens boat on the Seine.

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I'll drink to that. Joe B. and Rachel on the night they got married.  March 11, 1966. That is our friend Charles Ellis on the right.

Rachel with Lorelei and Jesse and Ray.

Lorelei, Rachel, and Jesse and Ray as babies.

This picture was taken on April 18th 1975. That is Rachel sitting in front of Big Joe Williams the great Mississippi blues singer who wrote Baby Please Don't Go. He came by to sing for us after a funeral. He grew up on my grandfather's farm in Crawford, Mississippi. Google his name to learn about him. He was a big influence on a young Bob Dylan.

Above picture is of Big Joe Williams and Bob Dylan. Taken during the Rolling Thunder Revue period around 1975.

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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Hemingway On Grief And Sorrow In ISLANDS IN THE STREAM

Thomas Hudson is dealing with the loss of two of his children and their mother in a car crash.
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Some Pictures Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart From 1965 And 1966

Another picture from our wedding night. That is our friend Charles Ellis on the right.
This is titled:  Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.
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This picture got torn somehow. Rachel in the summer of 1966. She is sitting on the railing of our millionaire
neighbor's fence. She looks so serious.
Young Rachel in 1966. Nice smile.
Rachel right after we got to New Orleans in March of 1965. She is on our deck not far from the Mississippi River in the French Quarter. Looking good. Top floor of 627 Ursulines Street.

Joe B. and Rachel on the couch at Charles Ellis's house at Lake Ferguson beyond the levee well outside of Greenville, Miss..
Rachel reading. What she did most of the time. Also she had changed her hair to an auburn color.
Again near Lake Ferguson. Summer of 1966. She was pregnant with our first child on the way.

Rachel reading  out in the yard in the warm Southern sunshine. Summer of 1966 near Lake Ferguson.
What I used to refer to as "That pregnant summer". Because she was pregnant and our dog and cats were all pregnant that summer. It seemed to me that everything was pregnant that summer.

Rachel Lefebure And Joe B. Stewart After Their Marriage on March 11, 1966

Rachel Lefebure and Joe B. Stewart after their wedding on March 11, 1966.
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