Friday, May 16, 2014

More Pictures Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart

Adrian Stewart(our son) on the left. Rachel Stewart in the middle and Joe B. Stewart on the right.
This was taken in Paris on a Bateaux Parisiens boat on the Seine.

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I'll drink to that. Joe B. and Rachel on the night they got married.  March 11, 1966. That is our friend Charles Ellis on the right.

Rachel with Lorelei and Jesse and Ray.

Lorelei, Rachel, and Jesse and Ray as babies.

This picture was taken on April 18th 1975. That is Rachel sitting in front of Big Joe Williams the great Mississippi blues singer who wrote Baby Please Don't Go. He came by to sing for us after a funeral. He grew up on my grandfather's farm in Crawford, Mississippi. Google his name to learn about him. He was a big influence on a young Bob Dylan.

Above picture is of Big Joe Williams and Bob Dylan. Taken during the Rolling Thunder Revue period around 1975.