Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Some Pictures Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart From 1965 And 1966

Another picture from our wedding night. That is our friend Charles Ellis on the right.
This is titled:  Hear No Evil, See No Evil, Speak No Evil.
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This picture got torn somehow. Rachel in the summer of 1966. She is sitting on the railing of our millionaire
neighbor's fence. She looks so serious.
Young Rachel in 1966. Nice smile.
Rachel right after we got to New Orleans in March of 1965. She is on our deck not far from the Mississippi River in the French Quarter. Looking good. Top floor of 627 Ursulines Street.

Joe B. and Rachel on the couch at Charles Ellis's house at Lake Ferguson beyond the levee well outside of Greenville, Miss..
Rachel reading. What she did most of the time. Also she had changed her hair to an auburn color.
Again near Lake Ferguson. Summer of 1966. She was pregnant with our first child on the way.

Rachel reading  out in the yard in the warm Southern sunshine. Summer of 1966 near Lake Ferguson.
What I used to refer to as "That pregnant summer". Because she was pregnant and our dog and cats were all pregnant that summer. It seemed to me that everything was pregnant that summer.