Friday, May 16, 2014

Some More Pictures Of Rachel Lefebure Stewart

Rachel in Scotland. One step from England.

Rachel sitting in the foreground. Blue t shirt. Dark glasses and her blue water bottle.

Rachel and Lorelei about 1968.

Rachel doing what she loved best. Being in the outdoors. Blue T Shirt.

Young Rachel on the left.

With the two grandsons on the beach at Southhampton, N.Y.

She took this picture of a sunset in Jan. 2014 on Sanibel Island Fla.

She took this picture of The Dying Gaul statue at The National Gallery of Art  Washington D.C. in December 2013. She actually struck this pose when she was in the hospital and said, "This is my Dying Gaul pose". She took the picture below of the same statue,

Rachel on the left. 2013.

This is the last picture taken of Rachel. That is her brother Paul with her. It was his idea.

Rachel wading in the water at the Pont du Gard in France last September 2013.

Rachel waving and holding her cat.

Sitting on a bench in France last September with her friend Barbara Sheridan.

 France last September.