Saturday, September 8, 2012

Panic In the Streets -1950 (Elia Kazan) FULL MOVIE

A good movie directed by Elia Kazan  Jack Palance in his first big role.
Set in New Orleans and filmed entirely there.
I got a chance to go see and meet Jack Palance just before he died. He came to Washington D.C. to speak about his WW2 experience at the opeing of the WW2 memorial. He along with many other vets did this. Ernest Borgnine was supposed to come also but did not show up. About 300 or so people filled a tent on the Mall to hear and see Jack Palance.
  Afterwards he did sign autographs for a long line of people. I did not want to wait in the long line so I went up fast and spoke to him as they were lining up. I told him how much I liked Panic In The Streets and he smiled.
I also told him I really liked the ending of the film. And he nodded and smiled again.
This is a terrific film with great black and white footage of New Orleans in 1949/1950. It was released in 1950. But it must have been shot in 1949.