Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Debbie Reynolds And Eddie Fisher Visited Mobile Alabama In 1956 Shortly Before Carrie Fisher Was Born

Debbie Reynolds and Eddie Fisher came to Mobile Alabama during the 1956 Azalea Trail Festivities.
There are pictures of them on line visiting Bellingrath Gardens in Theodore Alabama near Mobile.

They also came to Ladd Memorial Stadium in a limo. Why I am not real sure. I was there and their long black limo drove onto the field.  Hundreds of young females rushed toward the limo to see Debbie and Eddie.
I had a camera with me. Eddie and Debbie never got out of the limo. A young girl passed out right outside the limo. I took a picture of her lying on the ground. The limo took off and did not return.

Carrie Fisher wrote that Debbie was pregnant with her when this movie was being made. It was released in December 1956.
I think Debbie was aware she was pregnant and did not want to be mauled by adoring fans.

 Carrie Fisher was born in October 1956.