Friday, August 6, 2010

Grand Prix de Saint Cloud Paris France July 5,1964, Baron Rothschild's Horses

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On July 5th 1964 when I was 24 years old I went with a friend to the horse races at Saint-Cloud just outside of Paris,France. I wore my white Palm Beach suit. We were well dressed but the Rothschilds out dressed us in their morning gray tuxes and high hats. We saw them in the paddock before their horses raced. We did pick one winner in the second race by the name of Big Boy. As the horses went around the track the announcer called out his name and in French sounded like "Beeg Buoy".

Here is the program from that day that I have saved all these years. It was a Sunday and everyone was well dressed. My friend remarked that the jockeys looked just like a painting by Raoul Dufy. The Grand Prix de Saint-Cloud in 1964 was won by a horse named Relko. He was not owned by Guy de Rothschild. Baron Rothschild had a famous horse named Exbury that had won the race in 1963.

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Paintings at the top of this page are by Raoul Dufy.