Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bob Dylan And The Movies Film Dialogue In The Lyrics Of Bob Dylan

The Sunrise Deli in Hibbing Minnesota. Formerly The Lybba Theater where Bob Dylan went to see movies.
I always knew he lifted lines from movies but I didn't know the full extent of that until I found this website.

I get the impression there was nothing much for him to do growing up in Hibbing, Minnesota but to go to the movies(also called "the picture show") and go home and play rock and roll in his garage.

The Lybba Theater was built in 1947. It closed in October of 1982. In 1984, the building was sold and it is now the home of the Sunrise Deli. The marquee is still used by the deli.
What gives this former theater some notoriety, is the fact that singer Bob Dylan (aka Bob Zimmerman) attended this theater many times while growing up in Hibbing. The theater was owned by Bob’s uncles. Their names were Max, Julius and Sam Edelstein. The Lybba Theater was named after Bob’s Grandmother, Lybba Edelstein.

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