Tuesday, November 29, 2011

More Pictures Of Kirbyville Texas Taken In 1996

The Last Picture Show
The Last Barbershop.
 When we lived in Kirbyville, Texas in 1952/53/54/55 the town had
a population of 1444. We left and they then had 1440 people.
I seem to remember the town had 5 barber shops. I also remember a blacksmith shop. Long gone.
There was nothing much to do in Kirbyville back then but go down town and watch them cut hair. And maybe see a train carrying pulpwood pass through town.

The Last Drug Store
The Last Main Street
In 1954 I once lay down on the top of this building and ate mulberries off the tree that grew
overhead. I think of it as a Huckleberry Finn Mark Twain type memory.

The Last Hardware Store.
 My memory of this place from 1952-53-54 is of a
brightly lit top flight hardware store. I bought rope there for calf roping. I remember they had
ropes for sale in all sizes. This store had a great smell of leather and wood as I remember.

Another view of The Last Picture Show.
This is not Larry McMurtry's Archer City, Texas picture show but it is much the same thing.

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