Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break 1961 Fort Lauderdale Florida... Girls Gone Mild

It is time for spring break 2012 in America. What a difference 51 years makes.
The movie shown above was played on the TCM movie channel a few days ago. The guy doing the introduction to the film referred to it as "Girls Gone Mild".
  The movie opened in December of 1960 had one big effect in 1961. Thousands more American college students made their way to Ft.Lauderdale for spring  break 1961.
   And the Ft.Lauderdale police did everything they could to discourage the students from ever coming back.
Ft. Lauderdale had had enough of spring break.
 The link above gives a good history of spring break in Lauderdale.
The book above is what started it all.

And the postcard above shows what happened after the book and the movie.
  Reading around on the web I see spring break is returning to Ft. Lauderdale. I guess the city misses the money. Maybe the riotous days are over and this is a richer mellower crowd.

Below is a link that mentions the 1961 spring break in Fort Lauderdale. And a photo from that year.

It is nice to know the Elbo Room is still around.