Friday, July 6, 2012

Nesbitt's Orange Drink ...A Big Orange Drink....Best Orange Drink Next To The Original Orange Crush In The Original Brown Bottle

Back in 1952 to 1955 when we lived in Kirbville, Texas Nesbitt's Orange was my soft drink of choice.
 Kirbyville is in East Texas 52 miles north of Beaumont Texas.
   After football practice I would go across the street from the school to a little shack where a man sold sodas and candy and things in that line.
I was so thristy after football practice where they limited our water that I would down three or four Nesbitt's Orange drinks.
Finally one day the old man spoke to me after I had finished about 3 or 4 Nesbitt's Orange drinks. He said,
"That will burn a ho le in your stomach". I was around 14 years old at the time. Maybe 13 years old.  I did not worry about it. And no hole ever appeared. It was a cold refreshing drink that really hit the spot after a long sweaty football practice.
   Just as good(and maybe even better) was the Original Orange Crush drink in the dark brown bottle.
Even in the 1960s this was beginning to be hard to find. The new Orange Crush never tasted the same to me.

The last time I had some original Orange Crush in the brown bottle was in the summer of 1966. I went into a little grocery store in Greenville, Mississippi that was run by Chinese people. I pulled back the lid on the old fashioned soda box and there was the amazing sight of bottles or original Orange Crush in the original dark brown bottles.
  When I got home I check the contents. It tasted correct. And the color of the liquid was not really orange. It was more greeish yellow. The guy below calls the old bottles color Krinkly Amber.