Monday, August 20, 2012

Today is the 50th Anniversary Of The Happiest Day Of My Life

Today is the 50th anniversary of the happiest day of my life. August 20, 1962 was the day I got released from active duty in the USAF. My Air National Guard unit had been activated on Oct. 1st 1961 due to the Berlin Crisis. I had to spend what would have been my senior year in college stuck in Meridian, Ms. at a tiny Air Guard Base. I have written two other posts about this. I will include links to them.
   I just remember how happy I was that morning of August 20th 1962 when I woke up knowing I would be getting out of the military and returning to civilian life. I took my trumpet up on top of a small mountain outside Meridian and played my horn as the sun came up.
Later that day we drank Yucca Flats made by Tommy Harvey. Here is the link to how he made that wonderful mixture.

And the link below is to a post I wrote about Steve Forbert and his father Sam Forbert who was the commanding officer of my Air Force unit.

Here is the only bright spot I remember from the whole year of active duty.