Saturday, November 10, 2012

The Cincinnati Kid Full Movie

This is a link to info on Jazz Funerals.
You can watch the full movie via the link below. My friend Jack Newell and I worked as extras in this film in Jan. 1965 when it was being filmed in New Orleans.
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And look for Jack and me over on the sidewalk at 3:33 in the video. We are the only two white people there. MGM was very good about paying all the people who appeared in that opening credit sequence.
They fed us meals three times a day during the filming. The opening credit sequence with the band playing after the funeral and marching was filmed on a Sunday morning. They had given us a breakfast of coffee and pastries. Doughnuts and maybe more. Then while they filmed that scene over and over many in the crowd  and those dancing enjoyed some adult beverages. So each take got better and better.