Friday, February 22, 2013

3 College Kids In 1960 Go From Hattiesburg, Mississippi To New York City And back For 24.00 In Gas In A Kharman Ghia

Glen and Jim and I went in Jim's 1960 Karman Ghia from Hattiesburg, Ms. to NYC and back for
24.00 in gas money. That is 8.00 roundtrip for each of us.

Gas was 30 cents a gallon. The Kharman Ghia got 30 miles to the gallon. Let's do the math.
2400 miles round trip. 80 gallons of gas needed at 30 miles to the gallon. 80 gallons of gas at 30 cents a gallon is 24.00 total for the roundtrip. Divide 24.00 by the 3 of us and you get 8.00 each for the 2400 miles roundtrip.

Now gas in the Washington D.C. area is around 4.00 a gallon on average. More in Bethesda, Md.
At 4 dollars a gallon it would now cost 320.00 in gas or around 107.00 each in a car that gets 30 miles to the gallon.
   Jim's car was not painted orange. It was a dark maroon color.
What I most remember about that trip was how small that back seat was. Really it was no seat at all.
Just a small cramped area that we had to take turns riding in.  It was not comfortable to say the least.