Thursday, April 24, 2014

More Photos By Rachel Lefebure Stewart And Others

I guess I took this one myself. Rachel and the giant olive tree. Sicily.

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Joe B. and Rachel with Mount Etna in the background. Sicily. I dont remember who took this one.

I remember she took this picture on the balcony of the hotel where were staying in Assisi. Italy.

On the very top of Castel Sant Angelo in Rome Italy. I had first visited this place in the summer of 1964 and was lucky to go back again in 2007.
Our room in Florence Italy. Lorenzo The Magnificent is the name of the hotel. This room is at the very top reached by elevator with a special key. Others were jealous of our good luck.

Rachel took this from the window of our hotel room in Palermo Sicily.
How about that view?

Another view of Castel Sant Angelo in Rome Italy.