Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Give Ben Bradlee A Piece Of My Mind In Person About The Janet Cooke Scandal. The Post Gets Their Hand Caught In The Cookie Jar

I watched the interview shown in the video below of Bob Woodward last Sunday on Media Buzz with Howard Kurtz  and was pleased to see  Bob Woodward step up and take the blame for the Janet Cooke scandal. He was her supervising editor.
Ben Bradlee took a lot of the heat at the time as he should have. But he really did not supervise Janet Cooke like Woodward was suppose to.

So it turns out that it was Bob Woodward's fault not Ben Bradlee's. At the time I did not know that. I just learned that fact last Sunday on Media Buzz.

After the fraud was revealed  I happened to see Bradlee on a sidewalk outside a bank a block from The Washington Post across from the Madison Hotel and found myself walking along beside him.
I looked at him and he turned and smiled at me as though he was expecting me to say something nice to him or something nice about him as many people would normally do. I think he was very used to being admired.
But I had something else on my mind.  This was right after the Janet Cooke story had been revealed to be a hoax.
I leaned in close to Bradlee and whispered, "No more Little Jimmy stories. We don't need that sh-t."
He looked briefly stunned. But I am sure he got over it quickly.
Little Jimmy was a made up story by Janet Cooke about a little black 8 year old kid who was a heroin addict.. The whole series was a fraud. Woodward bought it hook, line, and sinker.
She and the Washington Post won a Pulitzer Prize for the series but when it was revealed to all be a lie they had to give it back.
And the Post was caught with their hand in the cookie jar.