Monday, May 18, 2015

Mad Men Ended On A High Note And Everyone Got What They Wanted

It was nice to see Matthew Weiner ended Mad Men on a high and positive note.

All the main characters got what their destiny desired.

Even Betty got what she wanted. She wanted Don to leave her and the kids alone and let her decide where and with who they would live after she dies in six months to a year.  And she got to stay and home and have her daughter Sally look after her and wash the dishes. Betty was still smoking sitting at the kitchen table even after being diagnosed with lung cancer. Hard to believe but back then smokers did actually keep smoking until their last breath.

I know someone who asked for a cigarette while she was dying and in the ICU. 

Peggy got someone who loves her and someone she loves.

Stan got the same thing with his love for Peggy and her returning his love.

Pete and his wife got back together and headed for Lear Jet and Witchita. Getting out of a long
black limosine smiling and getting on a Lear Jet to go off to wherever they desire.

Don finally got some true empathy for another human being and then discovered his inner peace with
some meditation. All signs seem to infer he will go back to NY and advertising for McCann and do the Commercial "I WOULD LIKE TO TEACH THE WORLD TO SING".

Roger and his new wife are in Paris eating oysters and drinking champagne. He is happily retired.

Joan has her own business and is happy.