Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Sidney And Sidney's Liquor Store In New Orleans

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I first knew Sidney in 1965 and 1966 when he ran a newstand on Decatur Street. He sold lots of papers and magazines.
But when we came back to New Orleans on a visit in 2002 I found he no longer ran a newstand he then ran a liquor store.
He was there and remembered me. He and his family were gathered to celebrate his 76th birthday. They were taking pictures. I looked around and spotted a basket filled with Pecan Praline Liqueur like the ones shown in the post below this one. I bought a bottle.
   When we were checking out of our hotel I showed it to a bellboy as I was packing the trunk of the car. He said "That would be good over vanilla ice cream". And he was so right.
Now I see Sidney has passed on. He left New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina but his store lives on.
 That is Sidney looking like he did in 2002 when I last saw him in his store.
Click on the above to read his obituary.

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