Saturday, January 30, 2016

Praying On The Job.... Another In My Hotel Stories

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Samy worked as a parking attendant at the hotel where I worked. Samy was from Ethiopia. When he first came to this country he lived in Spokane Washington. He said everyone there smiled at him and he could not figure out why. Well everyone in Spokane is white and they had never see an Ethiopian before. Plus they are just naturally friendly.

We ran the parking garage at the hotel where I worked and I would relieve the attendant so he could go each lunch.
I had already relieved Samy and he had already eaten lunch so he should be on duty I thought.

I got a call that no one was in the garage booth. I said to myself that can't be true I just took care of Samy so he had a break.

I went out to the front of the hotel to the garage booth. I could see no one was inside.
Cars were backed up waiting to pay to get out. Someone had to be there to open the gate when they paid.

I walked up to the booth. I looked in. Sami was down on the floor praying.
He had unrolled his mat for his prayers. He was down on all fours.

I asked him to get up and told him there were people waiting to get out.

Praise Allah he did.

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