Friday, April 1, 2016

The Cincinnati Kid - Opening Credits And Jazz Funeral Music In New Orleans

This is the opening credit sequence from the movie The Cincinnati Kid. If you watch and look closely(go to you tube and enlarge for full screen)at 3:19 look on the sidewalk and you will see two white guys. That is me and my friend Jack Newell. We got a weeks worth of work as extras on this film in January 1965. But this is the only scene where we made the cut. If you run this in slow motion you can spot several of the men dancing holding beer cans. But you can see it only in slow motion. This was filmed on a Sunday morning. They fed us all donuts and coffee. And during several takes the second line would go lubricate themselves with adult beverages. I am the guy in the dark coat. Jack is on my left.  MGM also paid us all. Everyone was given a voucher for fifteen dollars. I am sure the band got paid a lot more.