Wednesday, July 6, 2016

July 4th 2011 At Deep Creek Lake Maryland

I went with Charlie to get the whole hog that was 5 feet long and weighed 127 pounds. We went to the Butcher's outside Oakland, Maryland. They brought it out on a pulley and wrapped it in plastic and put it in the back of Charlie's SUV.
  Back at his house we put the whole hog in a refrigerator in his garage. We stood him straight up.
He was cooked the next day for 7 hours over a wood fire and a motor driven turning spit.

On Sat. we saw a strange green paint like slick moving down the lake. It was bright green.
Rick swam out and brought back a small plastic bottle. The green dye had come from that small plastic bottle and made a bright green streak over 40 yards long. Charlie told us that fishermen use that green dye to dip their worms in and it makes them bright under water.

I came in the house one time on Sat. and in the living room everyone under the age of 50 was on some kind of electronic device. Cell phones, laptops. i pads, etc. One woman was on her laptop and cellphone at the same time and later I saw her doing the same thing while walking down two flights of steps from the deck to the ground which was also rocky and uneven.
Two teenage girls were sitting side by side on a couch with the their laptops open.
An middle aged man asked them "Are you two emailing each other so no one will know what you are talking about?"
They made no reply.
   Here are some more photos from Deep Creek Lake 4th of July weekend 2011.
Photos by Rachel Stewart