Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Birthplace Of Rock And Roll?

Click on the above picture to enlarge. That is the Hattiesburg, Mississippi Train Station.
Birthplace of Rock and Roll

"It is a little-known fact that a number of music scholars consider Hattiesburg to be the historic birthplace of rock and roll. As noted in the Rolling Stone Illustrated History of Rock and Roll, Hattiesburg was a recording location of Blind Roosevelt Graves and his brother, Uaroy Graves, who, along with piano player Cooney Vaughn, recorded two songs in 1936 that "...featured fully formed rock & roll guitar riffs and a stomping rock & roll beat." The Graves Brothers and Vaughn--performing as the Mississippi Jook Band--recorded the songs 'Barbecue Bust' and 'Dangerous Woman' for the American Record Company, reportedly at the Hattiesburg Train Station."
This is news to me. I never heard this story before. I think many people and many places try to lay claim to the birthplace of rock and roll. As with many things it may have happened in several places around the same time.