Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Bring Back The Snow! 100 Degrees in Washington D.C.Today July 7th 2010 So Lets Make It Christmas In July

Click on the videos above to enlarge them. It was 102 degrees in Washington, D.C. yesterday. A hypnotist once told me the way to cool off in the heat was to simply imagine some snow and cold so here it is.
The other thing about the 20 somethings in Dupont Circle that interest me is that back in 1967 through 1972 they would have been protesting the war in Vietnam. Now they are throwing snowballs. Because there is no draft into the military they don't have to worry about being drafted to go fight in a foreign war. If there was a military draft next week there would be protests against the wars in Dupont Circle.
I was there in Dupont Circle from 1967 to 1971. I remember nights 10,000 people would be in Dupont Circle protesting the war in Vietnam. And then the police would come and tear gas them and all hell would break loose. The streets were filled with the SDS and The Weathermen and the Black Panthers. We would all hit the streets and go over to The Admiral Benbow bar and have a few beers. It was a great time to be young if you weren't in Vietnam. It still is if you are not in Iraq or Afghanistan.