Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Tennessee Williams Grandfather W.E. Dakin Performed The Marriage Ceremony Of William Faulkner's Wife Estelle's First Marriage In 1918

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This is not the entire article. I just posted the first three pages of the article up to the point that mentions W.E.Dakin performing the marriage of Estelle Oldham to Cornell Franklin in Oxford,Miss. in 1918.

I think this is a rare connection between William Faulkner and Tennessee Williams. In 1918 Tennessee Williams was 7 years old.He was living with his family and his grandfather and grandmother in Clarksdale,Mississippi. His grandfather W.E. Dakin was minister of the Episcopal Church in Clarksdale, Miss. William Faulkner was 21 years old in 1918 and was away from Oxford at the time Estelle Oldham(his future wife)married Cornell Franklin in Oxford, Miss. in 1918. W.E. Dakin(Tennessee's grandfather)performed the wedding.

I found this out just recently reading an article in the Mississippi Quarterly. See page 597 above. For some unknown reason the authors of this article did not mention that W.E. Dakin was the grandfather of Tennessee Williams. Maybe they did not know that or just missed the connection somehow.
I have never read of this connection in any of the biographies of Faulkner or Tennessee Williams that I have read.

Even though Tennessee Williams was born in Columbus,Miss. he lived longer in Clarksdale,Mississippi as a child.

There are many places and people from Clarksdale that Tennessee Williams made use of in writing his stories and plays. See links below.

According to the link below Tennessee Williams and his family left Clarksdale in 1918 and moved to Saint Louis, Missouri.