Thursday, February 17, 2011

Kirbyville Texas Band On The Way To New Orleans To March In A Mardi Gras Parade In 1955 Note The Way The Girls Wore Their Blue Jeans With The Cuffs Rolled Up The Picture On The Steps Was Taken In Baton Rouge Louisiana At The State Capitol

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At the Louisiana State Capitol Building in Baton Rouge they gave us a tour and showed us where Huey P. Long was assassinated. You could still see the bullet holes in the marble walls.
More pictures below of the trip to New Orleans to march in the Mid City Mardi  Gras Parade on Feb.20, 1955.
Click to enlarge the above photo. It is in Jackson Square in New Orleans with The St. Louis Cathedral in the background and Kirbyville Band Members coming toward the camera.

The above picture is of Bruce Reed. He is sitting in the Kirbyville Texas school bus we rode on to New Orleans. It is parked near an A&G cafeteria where we ate lunch. You can see the A&G sign in the background. Click to enlarge the photos.

14 year old Joe B. in Jackson Square in front of the St. Louis Cathedral. Looks like I was finally beginning to grow. That uniform is too small for me. I grew about 12 inches in the next two years.

I took this picture on the way to New Orleans or on the way back to Kirbyville, Texas. It is most likely somewhere in Louisiana. When I started to take the picture from the window of the school bus he began to raise his arm.  He did not want his picture taken. At the time I was surprised. Now I wonder if he had something to hide.

The above picture and the two below are from the 1955 Mid City Mardi Gras Parade in New Orleans. It was a Sunday afternoon. Feb. 20,1955.

Here is some  information on the history of the Mid-City Krewe in New Orleans.
The theme in 1955 was Candy. They even sprayed the floats to smell like the particular kind of candy represented.
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