Thursday, April 28, 2011

Terror In The Night The Klan's Campaign Against The Jews By Jack Nelson

Above is what the first editon cover looked like. Click on the photo above to enlarge it and read the blurbs on the back of the book.
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I recently re read this book. It is a tremendous book about the activities of the Klan and their attacks on Jews in Mississippi in 1967 and 1968. The Jewish community in Mississippi put up money for the FBI and the police to run a set up to catch the mad bomber Thomas A Tarrants. Kathy Ainsworth was killed in the shootout. Jack Nelson did a great reporting job to bring to light how the FBI recruited Ray Roberts and Alton Wayne Roberts of Meridian, Mississippi to inform on the activities of the Klan. Both Roberts were members of the Klan and Wayne Roberts was one of the killers of the three civil right workers in 1964.

  One of the incredible aspects of this story is that Thomas A Tarrants survived the shootout despite multiple blasts from shotguns by the police. The bomb never went off. It was a set up and the Meridian police knew when Tarrants and Ainsworth were coming. The time and the place. The Roberts brothers had met with Tarrants and Ainsworth earlier that night of June 29th 1968 in Meridian to set up the bombing of Meyer Davidson's house. Then after Ainsworth and Tarrants left to go to bomb the house the Roberts brothers called the Meridian police and told them "They are on the way".
The link below has a good summary of the events of June 29th 1968 in Meridian,Mississippi.

The above police mug shot is from an earlier arrest.
   Tarrants was sent to Parchman after he got out of the hospital after 31 days. He escaped but was re captured.
   He later was released from prison after 8 years. He then went to college and on to another career. See the link below  for more information on what he has done with his life.
Below is a picture of how Thomas A Tarrants looks now.
  More info below on Thomas A Tarrants as he is now.
Another  good story on Thomas A Tallants on his return to Mobile.
And the link below completes the story above.