Thursday, May 19, 2011

Martin Savidge Of CNN Reports On Highway 61 And The Flood Along The Mississippi River 2011
  Click on the link above to see Martin Savidge's first report from Memphis last week.
The video begins after a short commercial.

Search (CNN Martin Savidge) to see his other video reports on CNN. He started in Memphis last week and is following the flood south along the Mississippi River through the Delta and Greenville(see my post below)and Vicksburg and points South.
   See his report from Eagle Lake near Vicksburg below.

Below is a link to the great weekly radio show by Nick Spitzer called American Routes which can be listened to online. The show below is the one he did after Hurricane Katrina. You can see the playlist. On hour #1 is a great song by a group called Gator Beat. The song is titled THE RIVER'S GONNA GO. Check it out for what is happening in the current flood of the Mississippi River.