Saturday, May 21, 2011

Two Hospitals Two Psychopaths Two Of My Most Interesting Cases As A Juvenile Court Probation Officer In New Orleans 1965-1966

1963 Oschner Clinic New Orleans
Below is a link to a fine history of Oschner Hospital.

This case was about a 16 year old kid posing as a doctor at Oschner Hospital in New Orleans in 1965.
  He had gotten his hands on some doctor's clothes and a stethoscope which he put around his neck.
And he would walk around the hospital acting like he was a doctor.

   He had somehow met a young woman and convinced her he was a doctor. And convinced her mother as well because they were planning a big wedding costing thousands of dollars. They had already paid for the wedding as I remember.
But the mother called the hospital one day and they told her they had no such doctor on the staff at their hospital.
They called the cops and he was busted. I wrote up a case history on him and he went before a Juvenile Judge. I don't remember the disposition of the case.

   I think this is the same kid who I saw standing near our apartment on Ursulines Street a few months later. He was leaning against a building. I went over to him and said hi. I asked him what he was doing since he was just leaning against the building doing nothing.

   He replied he was watching a car parked on the street and that he had gotten a job repossessing cars and that he was going to repossess that car he was watching. I wished him good luck and left him there. I never saw him again.

The next case involved a young man who was caught in stolen cars. His mother came down to the Juvenile Probation Office to talk with me about her son. She told me she was hearing voices in her head and that the radio was telling  her what to do.
   We were sitting in a tiny cubicle of an office. She told me she would scratch my eyes out if I did anything to her son.

Charity Hospital New Orleans.

    I had to go see him at Charity Hospital where he was been held in the psychiatric ward. It happened to be on the day Hurricane Betsy was bearing down on New Orleans in 1965.
   I found him in the psychiatric ward with adults. They had put him there for observation. He begged me to get him out of there. He claimed he had never stolen any automobiles.

I talked with a psychiatrist at Charity Hospital and tried to convince him to let the kid out.
Instead the shrink told me the kid was a sociopath or psychopath. A convincing liar.

The shrink told me to read a book called THE MASK OF SANITY by Hervey Cleckley which is the #1 textbook about psychopaths. I did read the book. There is another good book titled PSYCHOPATHS by Alan Harrington.
   The kid did not get out of Charity Hospital that night. I think both he and his mother ended up in Mandeville at the State Mental Hospital.

    I had just bought a used car(1955 Studebaker black in color with 4 doors)that afternoon. I drove home to the French Quarter from Charity Hospital as the sky was getting darker and darker.

   That night Hurricane Betsy hit New Orleans hard. We stayed in bed and could hear the slate breaking loose from the roofs in the French Quarter. In the morning we found pieces of slate embedded in bricks in the walls of the houses across the street.
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