Friday, July 29, 2011

Patsy Cline In The 1957 Shenadoah Apple Blossom Parade In Winchester, Virginia

In the video above there are many good pictures of some of the best Pasty Cline LPs.
The picture above must be from another parade since she is wearing different clothes.
Patsy Cline's Restored House Opening August 2, 2011 in Winchester, Va.
Link below is a complete history of the Shenadoah Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester, Va.
It lists all the past grand marshals and celebrities that have ridden in their parade.
The link below tells how Patsy was not always appreciated in her hometown. It has taken over 45 years for her home to finally open as a museum. I remember driving by there over 40 years ago.
Many of these hometowns of famous people choose to ignore their own until it becomes possible to make money off them. Then then go all out to exploit their hometown celebrities. A case in point is Oxford, Mississippi where as long as he was alive William Faulkner was referred to as "Count No Count". A nickname locals had for him. A short version of "Count No A Count".
Now they have festivals in his name and put a statue of him on a bench in the courthouse square.