Tuesday, August 23, 2011

We Had An Earthquake Today In Virginia And A Hurricane Is On The Way For This Weekend.


Rachel is out hiking. I am glad she was not at home.

  Well I really felt that one. All the people ran out of the buildings around here. The house shook and then shook again and again. Lasted for 10 seconds or so each time. I decided to get out of the house.

I can now say I have been in an earthquake. No damage here in the neighborhood so far as I can tell.

Scary all right. Felt like a plane was about to crash into the house. Or that the house was about to fall down.
The whole house shook and then shook again.  I thought maybe the roof was going to come crashing into the living room. 

A lady came out of one of the places next door and laughed. She said that  was an earthquake. That she had been in one in California. She seemed to think it was funny. I did not think it was funny at all.

Now Irene is coming this weekend. An earthquake and a hurricane all in one week would really be something. I had a feeling something was going to happen and it did. It always does.

When Rachel got home an hour or two later she told me that she and her fellow hikers had not felt a thing.