Wednesday, February 29, 2012

A Walk On The Wild Side 1962

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Perhaps the author's own words describe this classic work best: "The book asks why lost people sometimes develop into greater human beings than those who have never been lost in their whole lives. Why men who have suffered at the hands of other men are the natural believers in humanity, while those whose part has been simply to acquire, to take all and give nothing, are the most contemptuous of mankind."

This movie starts out dark but that is because it is late in the day and nightime. At around 6 minutes it gets lighter.
The above link is to the International movie database about this film.
If you go to wikipedia and look up two of the actors Don"Red" Barry and Capucine you will find they both came to a sad end.
I only like the movie because it was filmed in New Orleans and  has some nice scenes in the French Quarter and Jackson Square. Nice scene outside of Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop where Dove meets Hallie as she pulls up in an old car from the 1930s.

 The link below provides good reviews on of the book.
It is a not very good movie made from a very good book titled A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE by Nelson Algren.  If you read the information below about the book you will find that the movie screen writers have totally ignored the book and made up a whole new story.
This movie really should be titled A WALK ON THE MILD SIDE.