Thursday, May 31, 2012

Schwartzwald The Black Forest In Washington D C 1972 Rock Creek Park

In the summer of 1972 I was in Washington D C and some friends of mine said I should go see The Black Forest. It was also called by the German name Schwartzwald.
    This was a stretch of woods that ran from P St. along through the wood over to M Street near Georgetown. There was a path that ran along the ridge in the woods above Rock Creek Park.
 My friends told me it was like a Fellini movie and they were right.
At nighttime to woods along the path was filled with gays hiding in the dark back in the bushes. Very little light illuminated the scene.  As you walked along the path men would come out of the woods and then disappear back in the woods. 
  This was a meeting place for D.C. gays at that time.
It was a pitch dark scene with occasional sounds of rustling coming from down in the woods.
   I walked the whole length of the forest and agreed that it was like a Frederico Fellini movie.