Friday, May 18, 2012

WUSA (1970) 1/9

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This movie is based on the book HALL OF MIRRORS by Robert Stone. You can watch the whole thing by going to youtube and see all the others parts that are on there.
In part #1 you can see Jewel's Tavern starting at 11:30 and all the way until the end of part one. It also shows the inside and outside of Jewel's Tavern as it was in 1965 when we used to go there until 1970 when this movie was made.  The outside also appears for two or three seconds at the beginning of Part 2.
 Jewel's Tavern was a famous seaman's bar in the French Quarter

There are scenes in this movie filmed inside and outside of Jewel's Tavern which was on Decatur Street in New Orleans near the corner of Gov. Nicholls. It is now called Aunt Tiki's Jewels Bar.
Stone thought Hollywood made a terrible motion picture out of his book.
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Click on the Label below A Hall Of Mirrors to read more about this book and movie and where Robert Stone and his wife lived in the French Quarter in 1959.