Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tuba Skinny in New Orleans And As For Me I Was Born Too Soon

We all know people who think they were born too late. I am beginning to think I
was born too soon.
When we lived in New Orleans in 1965 and 1966 there were no street bands like
Tuba Sknny playing in and around the French Quarter.
I first went to New Orleans in 1955 and was in an out of there off and on through
1980. Never did I ever see any street bands like Tuba Skinny and the others that
can now be found on the streets and the clubs in and around the French Quarter
and on Youtube.

Apparently they all appeared in the years after Hurricane Katrina.
Tuba Skinny was formed in 2009 and I have been following them on Youtube
ever since.  They have now been together 3 years. They play in and around New
Orleans in the winter months. In the summer they take off for Europe Jazz Festivals
and then return to play summer gigs in New England and in and around New York City.
Then they return to New Orleans in the Fall each year.

In 1965 and 1966 and on up into the 1980s the older traditional jazz musicians
were dying off or were already dead in New Orleans.
Now out of nowhere there have appeared young white musicians not just playing
traditional New Orleans jazz and blues but playing it exceedlingly well.
A miracle has happened. The torch has been passed to people like the singer for Tuba Skinny
Erika Lewis and the leader and cornet player of Tuba Skinny Shaye Cohn.

Click on the  label tuba skinny in the label box below for more of my posts about them and also
more of their youtube videos.

There is a new birth of jazz going on in New Orleans. It is being played by young muscians. I think
I was born too soon. But I am glad I lived long enough to see and hear it.
Read all about them in the link below.