Friday, December 14, 2012

"I'm Ray Barboni from Miami"

This is a  scene from the movie GET SHORTY. The movie is a black comedy. John Travolta is in it. He plays Chili Palmer. The movie is made from a book of the same name by Elmore Leonard.
   Look at the post above this one for the movie trailer. As you can see from the movie trailer this is a comedy.
For those who have seen the movie they will understand the scene.
But for those who have not seen the movie taken out of context the scene doesnt make much sense.
Ray Barboni has come from Miami looking for Leo Devoe, Chili Palmer and also money that is owed to him.
Harry Zimm is a movie director who owes money to loan sharks.
Chili Palmer is the collector for the loan sharks.
Chili Palmer played by John Travolta has tried to teach Harry Zimm to say "Look at me" in a menacing way.
But when Harry Zimm tries that line on a tired Ray Barboni(a real tough guy)all hell breaks loose.
That is what is funny about this scene.  Saying the wrong words to a tired Ray Barboni from Miami.

The above is a  scene with Ray Barboni(Bones) from Miami. And the movie director Harry Zimm.
The actor playing Ray Barboni is now on TV doing commericials for XFinity(Comcast).