Monday, December 10, 2012

Jacques(Jack)Morgan One Cool Dude

Click on the above picture of Jacques(Jack Morgan) to enlarge it.

What I have to say about Jack I posted on the comments section in the link above
and also in the link down below. I liked the guy. So did so many other people. In a cut throat business like used books he was something special. We had lots of characters in the used books and records game and Jack was one of the best. He stood out. You could not miss that pony tail. And he was always in a hurry.
In a way he personifies the best of the used book dealer trade. I did not go to his store often but I saw him at every used book sale in the D.C. area for over 30 years. He will be missed. And if you read the comments you will see many other people say the same thing.

One thing that stands out about his Washington Post obituary is how is it that a used book dealer got such a large obituary in The Washington Post. It was a very large photo and an obit almost half a page.
It is nice to see The Post do something like that for a local "character".

Jack just died. He was a cool guy. You can tell by the comments from his friends in the links above and below.