Monday, January 28, 2013

Chuckles The Clown Va. And Maryland

Chuckles came into our local McDonalds yesterday afternoon. He sat near us and told us about himself and gave us his card. He does balloon tricks and magic tricks and other things. Does mostly children's parties and birthday parties and such. Maybe he thought he would run into Ronald McDonald while he was there.
Ronald McDonald came by once but that was months ago.

He says he makes good money on weekends being Chuckles.
Here are two reviews of his act.

It was nice to meet this Chuckles. He seemed like a nice guy.
He said you know why bears won't eat clowns?
Because they think they taste funny.

Apparently there are many other Chuckles all around the USA.
I searched on the web for Chuckles The Clown and found one in Alabama and one in Illinois and one in Connecticut.

There is something scary about clowns. If I was a small child I would be scared of clowns. Not if they were far away like in the circus but up close they would be frightening.

I remember a Seinfeld episode where crazy Joe Davola was a scary clown from the opera.

There was a Chuckles the Clown on The Mary Tyler Moore Show(according to my search)but I never watched The Mary Tyler Moore Show.