Friday, August 8, 2014

New Book About Bob Dylan I Have Been Waiting For For 50 Years From Tapes Made By His Road Manager and Bodyguard Victor Maymudes

Cut and paste the above link in Yahoo or Google search to read about this forthcoming book due out in September.
This will be the real insiders story told by Victor Maymudes Bob's friend and road manager from the early days.
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Here is the book as shown on

And here is my post about Bob Dylan at Mardi Gras in New Orleans in Feb. 1964.

Search tally ho! bob dylan mardi gras 1964.

My material was used by Robert Shelton in his bio of Dylan titled NO DIRECTION HOME.
Now I see from reading pages in this book Jacob Maymudes has also used my material about that Mardi Gras in his book. He used my quotes as well. I told him a year ago he could use my material if he would give me credit. But he has put my words in his father's telling of the events of that Mardi Gras.  He ripped me and my words off. And he does not give me credit.
Instead he changed some few things and got many of the facts wrong.

Compare the quotes in this new book with what I wrote back in 2009
Plus I have much more detailed information on Bob Dylan at that Mardi Gras. Look at my blog post for the real  true story of what went on at that Mardi Gras 1964.

You can also click on the Label Mardi Gras 1964 Bob Dylan in the Label box below to find my posts about that time and place. And click on the Label No Direction Home to read what I and Robert Shelton wrote in his book of that same name. And you will clearly see where Jacob Maymudes stole my words and writings and put them in his book claiming they came from his father's tapes.
I challenge him to provide audio tapes of his father saying those words.