Friday, August 8, 2014

No Direction Home By Robert Shelton Bio Of Bob Dylan Is The Best Of The Lot.

This is the best biography of Bob Dylan's early life and career. The childhood and teenage section in Hibbing, Minnesota is riveting.

Below are some pages from the book that describe a road trip Bob Dylan made in 1964 with a stop over in New Orleans during Mardi Gras of that year.

I met Bob and Victor Maymudes on Mardi Gras Day that year.
What follows are my memories which I wrote in 1967 of that time and sent to my brother who passed it along to Robert Shelton who incorporated it into his book. Being a real gentleman he gave me full credit in the text.

I also posted and expanded and updated a corrected version on my blog in Dec. 2009.
You can find it by clicking on the Label below. Just click on Mardi Gras 1964.

Click and double click on these pages to enlarge them.