Friday, April 20, 2012

Bob Dylan Tiny Montgomery With The Band From The Real Original Basement Tapes 1969

  This is one of my favorites from the original basement tapes by Bob Dylan and the Band.
In the summer of 1969 bootleg tapes of this material somehow leaked out and the alternative radio stations got hold of all the songs and started playing them on the radio.
I like many others taped them off the radio and thereby had a cassette tape of these songs.
They were great listening played on an old cassette tape recorder driving across America all the way from Washington D.C. to  Los Angeles,California and back.
This music was so popular as a bootleg that Columbia Records finally gave in a few years later and released all the material on a double album called THE BASEMENT TAPES by Bob Dylan and The Band.
Greil Marcus has written a whole book about the Basement Tapes. Surely the best thing written on the subject. THE OLD WEIRD AMERICA by Greil Marcus.