Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Space Shuttle Arrives In Washington D.C. On Its Way To Dulles Airport And The Smithsonian Air And Space Museum There

Big excitement here in Washington D.C. this morning as the Space Shuttle arrived on top of a 747 aircraft and flew around the city and over all the monuments on the Mall.

We knew it was coming and at 10am people were out looking for it.

I was in Arlington, Va. and it flew in over north Arlington. I had walked up North George Mason street to the bridge that goes over Route 66 which goes east west in and out of the city.

There was one other guy on the bridge on the other side. We were both looking around for the 747 plane.
I turned around toward the west and THERE IT WAS right over us. The 747 was flying at 1500 feet or lower. It is really something to see a 747 fly over your head at that low altitude. I yelled THERE IT IS!

At a nearby school the teachers had brought the grade school kids out on the playground to look for the plane. They all saw it and yelled and cheered.