Thursday, April 19, 2012

Broadway Musical HAIR Was A Flop In Mobile Alabma In 1972

In 1972 when I was driving a cab in Mobile I picked up a fare who was a member of the road show troupe of the broadway musical HAIR.  She wanted me to take her around to a few Goodwill thrift stores so she could look for some old sheet music. She told me she was a singer and was going to be in the cast of that nights performance of HAIR at the Mobile Auditorium. She then gave me two free tickets to come see the show.
   Rachel and I went and took our 5 year old daughter with us. She went to sleep in our arms right away.
The play did not attract many Moblians.
In fact there was almost nobody in the audience.
 They must have known that not many tickets had been sold and that is why they gave out some free. They told us to move down near the front near the stage.
I was surprised at how much I liked the show.
They did the whole bit of running through the aisles with little or no clothes on.
The girl who gave me the tickets ran up to us to say hello.
I enjoyed the music and the costumes(and lack of them)very much.
Apparently the production had to sue(and won)for the right to put the show on in Mobile.

It is odd this show was such a failure in Mobile. Because a year later the Rolling Stones came to Mobile and sold out every seat in the larger 10,000 seat auditorium nearby.
We went to that also. I was able to drive up and get tickets with no trouble. It was one of the few if not only place the Stones played on that tour where tickets were available.
   Little Stevie Wonder was the opening act on the show that night. And for my money he and his band were better than the Rolling Stones.
  Mick Jagger came out when the Stones came on and jumped in the air and tore the crotch out of his jump suit right away.
    The Stones all had bottles of Jack Daniels Black Label sitting on their amplifiers. Except for the bass player Bill Wyman who had wine on his amp.
The Stones played the large arena for 10,000 plus.
The musical HAIR played the small theater in the complex.