Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dick Tracy Two Way Wrist Radio and Ramar of the Jungle


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Dick Tracy 2 way wrist radio.
I won one in 1956 at the WALA tv station in Mobile, Alabama in a milk drinking contest. Woodhaven Dairy sponsored our after school dance tv program on WALA TV. They also sponsored RAMAR OF THE JUNGLE. For a commericial they did a live milk drinking contest. I was one of three or four contestants to see who could drink a carton of milk the fastest with a straw. I won. The prize was a brand new Dick Tracy 2 way wrist radio as shown in the picture above.
The announcer asked me if I wanted to say anything. Caught off guard I said, "I would just like to thank my mother and father who made me possible". I was 15 years old at the time.
After that tv appearance kids at school called me "Ramar" and "Woodhaven Dairy". I was famous over night.