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Dixie Beer New Orleans

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Dixie Brewing Company
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Dixie Brewing Co.

A Post-Katrina Dixie Beer contract brewed by Joseph Huber Brewing, Monroe, WI
Location New Orleans, Louisiana
United States
Owner(s) Joe and Kendra Bruno
Year opened 1907
Annual production 1,000,000 cases (pre-Katrina)[1]
Active beers
Name Type
Lager Lager
Jazz Amber Light Light lager
Blackened Voodoo Schwarzbier
Crimson Voodoo Ale Amber ale

Dixie Brewery, 2401 Tulane Avenue; post-Katrina photographThe Dixie Brewing Company is a craft brewery based in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Dixie Brewing was founded and began production in 1907 and is the only remaining large volume brewery within the city of New Orleans[2], a city that once was home to several major breweries (most notably, Falstaff). Several microbreweries and brewpubs exist in the city, and the popular Abita Brewing Company is located nearby.

In 2005, the Dixie Brewery was severely damaged when Mid-City New Orleans flooded from the levee failure disaster during Hurricane Katrina. After the area was dewatered the brewery complex was looted with much of the equipment stolen. Despite early claims that the brewery would be restored, it remains off line as of October 2009 and the future of the facilities is uncertain. The brand remains in business, brewed under contract by breweries elsewhere.

[edit] Pop culture
The Dixie Brewing brewery was featured in the 1984 movie Tightrope with Clint Eastwood.

[edit] References
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The locals in New Orleans drink Dixie Beer. One of the first things you learn when you move to New Orleans(or used to) is that locals drink Dixie beer. It may not be that good but it used to be local. Hurricane Katrina wiped it out. It is brewed now elsewhere.
I think they used to advertise it as the "Little Brewery on Tulane Avenue With The Big Taste".