Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Night We Drink That Dixie Down

Click on the above pictures to enlarge them. The above pictures were added Monday morning.

I am posting this at 1:40p.m. eastern standard time the day of the Super Bowl between the New Orleans Saints and the Indianapolis Colts. The Colts are at this time a 5 point favorite to win. Everyone expects Peyton Manning and the Colts to win.
And they should but some voodoo and hoodoo is working against the Colts. Not to mention all those Catholic prayers coming out of New Orleans and elsewhere. I have posted some about Voodoo and Catholic prayers just below this post. Now I want to add something about strange karma headed the Saints way because of hurricane Katrina. I would not bet on it but I think the Saints may win simply because they should win because of New Orleans and the way it suffered because of hurricane Katrina. This win by the Saints should be for not just New Orleans but for all the southeastern United States and the Saints fans that live near the Gulf Coast and elsewhere.
Now here comes the weird part. Peyton Manning grew up in New Orleans. His father and mother live in New Orleans. His father, Archie Manning, was one of the Saints first Quarterbacks. He is the sandy haired fellow wearing #8 in the video below. Now some of these connections to New Orleans has to play an subconscious part in the miracle if the Saints are to win tonight. In other words it will cause Peyton Manning to make some mistakes he normally would not make. He will not even know it since it will be deep in his subconscious. At the end Peyton will hang his head after losing and wonder what happened. He won't even know it was voodoo and hoodoo and catholic prayers and his love of New Orleans that did him in and caused him to fumble and throw interceptions. Or as I call them in Catholic lingo intercessions.
Now of course I may be all wrong and the Colts will win. Logic and the oddsmakers say the Colts will win by five points. Certainly since the Saints are no longer playing at home in the Superdome which was their real mojo during the season and the playoffs. Common sense says Peyton Manning and the Colts should win tonight. But sometimes common sense is wrong. That is why they play the game.
See also my post below about Dixie Beer. Geaux Saints. But the mightly Colts stand in the way with Peyton Manning who reminds me of my all time favorite QB Johnny Unitas. Whoever wins so be it.
Post Script: Saints Win 31-17.